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Interacting with the people who use Scatter has been one of the most humbling experiences of our lives and we've met some truly kind individuals along the way. A lot of the decisions we've made over the years have been directly influenced by the conversations that have gone on in our community chats and we've watched in astonishment as random people on the internet helped other random people through both good times and bad times. We've gotten request after request over the years for us to register as an EOSIO Block Producer, and we're finally ready to step into that role and take on yet another responsibility which helps secure users, and the network.

Though we're starting with the Telos Mainnet, we intend to expand this initiative into other chains and networks as well, as we fully believe in a broader ecosystem which includes many options with many different structures, each suited best for individual projects.

Scatter's ecosystem contributions

Scatter Desktop

The desktop wallet you trust and love, which we've invested hundreds of man hours into building. It is a safe and secure place to manage your keys and the accounts that are associated with them.

Scatter Extension

Though we've now closed this down in favor of Scatter Desktop, it would be tragic not to mention the first ever EOS wallet (preceding all others by 6 months) which helped launch the mainnet.

Reputation and Identity Layer

Our reputation &amp; identity solution which helps keep you safe, and is <a href=''>currently in testing phases</a> and integrated into Scatter 11+.

Scatter Mobile

For all your blockchain needs on the go, Scatter Mobile provides a safe, smooth experience. We are expecting to release this in Q4 2019.

Development Tooling

We are also highly active in the development community, providing many of the foundational libraries used to connect users to apps, and apps to networks.

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We take community input very seriously at Scatter. If there's something we aren't already doing which you think the network needs, let us know.
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