Scatter releases a Block Producer candidate

This is our love letter to the EOS community. We want all of you to know how important each and every one of you are to us. Scatter is a community, and we are all in this together.

We are proud to announce that Scatter’s Block Producer candidate is live. If you already know us and what we do for the ecosystem, head on over to our voting portal and give us some love.

Vote for Scatter!

The account is “vote4scatter” which is easy to remember, clear, and to the point.

If you want to know more about why we have spun up this top-notch infrastructure, and why we have chosen to do it now, read on.

The Scatter Way

Our goal is to build a strong blockchain ecosystem. Every decision that we make is weighted against this core focus.

Some of the products which we have poured our hearts and souls into over the past year:


Scatter Desktop
Our trusted and beloved advanced wallet.


Scatter Bridge
Our soon to be released non-custodial web wallet.


Scatter Mobile
Our soon to be released wallet for all your blockchain needs on the go, Scatter Mobile provides a safe, smooth experience.


Used by over 500 apps on Ethereum, EOS, and Tron to connect dapps to advanced networks and wallets.


Scatter-sharp & EOS-sharp
The equivalent of scatter-js but for C# projects, which includes Unity.


Our reputation and identity layer which provides security and trust for blockchain apps.


A single-location for wrappers of all different types of NFT standards such as dGoods, Simple Assets, ERC721 and others..


This library allows you to use any version of eosjs indistinctly.


All the best parts of Scatter wallets, extrapolated out into an open-source library.

All of these tools which we have developed, and now our BP candidates, fill specific needs that Scatter defines as critical for the ecosystem to grow into what we believe that it can. Our purpose is to bring blockchain to the masses by providing tools for developers to make that easy and seamless.

We believe that with better long-term strategies and decision making processes, these technologies can break out into the mainstream with real use cases that meet everyday developer and user needs.

Some technical specifications

Our BP candidate runs on four servers: two for block production and to support our API, and two for load balancing. This is separate from the servers that Scatter already runs for services like our Price API.

The main servers run Intel® Xeon® W-2145 Octa-Core Skylake with Hyper-Threading technology and have 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM.

The load balancing servers run Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake including Hyper-Threading technology and have 64 GB DDR4 RAM each.

BP candidate transparency and use of funds

We will publish a monthly transparency report that includes basic information like

  1. BP uptime
  2. Missed blocks
  3. BP position changes
  4. Proxied votes
  5. Infrastructure upgrades
  6. New BPs we spin up to support new networks.

Speaking of new networks, we believe that EOSIO networks like Telos, Europechain, WORBLI, WAX and others need solid BPs who can add real value to their ecosystems. The real power of EOSIO isn’t in the Mainnet, but in a wide ecosystem of many interconnected chains.

Scatter’s plan after launching our BP candidate for the Mainnet is to spin up many more BPs and eventually support all the major chains.

We’ll be starting with Telos. If you want us to target your chain next, please join us in @Scatter and let us know.

The question of collusion and vote buying

Scatter’s position over the past year has been to remain neutral. We want to provide foundational technology without taking political positions that may affect how our users perceive us.

We realize that rewarding users for their votes is a reality, and from a market standpoint it has become a necessity. Those who do have risen high in the BP rankings. We as a community must either deal with this on a technical level or accept it at a political one.

Scatter has not taken a position on this yet and we would be very interested in hearing from you about what you as token-holders want. This should be a community debate, and we’re waiting for your input in our Telegram channel.

Improving Scatter and our development processes

We take community input very seriously at Scatter. If there's something we aren't already doing which you think the network needs, let us know.

Email us at [email protected]