Code of Conduct

We take our position as a base technology provider seriously, and give great thought to the ethics and morality that are associated with running a public, open-source operation like Scatter.

Setting the standard

As a prominent member of the EOS community, Scatter is a trusted and permanent fixture. We have in the past taken a neutral stance within the community, but we feel that it is time to take a stand for the core values which we think will bring about a stronger, more egalitarian Mainnet.

If you do not feel up to the task of researching and selecting Block Producer candidates, you can trust us to do so in your stead.

Scatter’s Core Values

  1. High-level infrastructure
  2. Community focus and standing
  3. Tooling creation
  4. Governance participation
  5. Global coverage

If you’re a Block Producer who would like to be considered for one of the 30 slots we vote for, you should send us an email letting us know how your Block Producer meets Scatter’s core values.

Proxy to "scatterproxy"

Scatter's Infrastructure

As we now run nodes of multiple chains like the EOS Mainnet, and Telos, we expect nothing less than to apply the above standards to ourselves.

Our continued involvement in core development, governance, and community takes center stage in our day to day operations as it always has.

We welcome all input from interested parties and the community and can be reach directly either through our Telegram channel or via email.